Which bikinis will continue to be a trend next season?

Although the summer is not over yet, the swimwear brands are already starting with the long-awaited SALE and we can’t stop speculating about buying some. Tempting prices and bikinis for a thousand models… BUT which ones are worth investing in to keep in our closet until next year?

We’ll tell you the ones that will continue to be a trend and also the ones that won’t, to make a good discard in the SALE section.

Stand by, ready, go! He started the race and you’re going to choose better than anyone else by following his advice.

swimsuits tendencies 2018

On Trend

They’ve been on fire for two seasons and they’re here to stay. With their own strength, whole bathing suits shine by themselves and favour styling all types of bodies. This year we saw them in various colors, styles and models, but only a few will continue to be a trend. Keep reading and find out which ones.

Bikini, tankini, whole; no matter the model, navy stripes in red or blue are still a must for next year. Of different thicknesses, they always favour vertical stripes, which stylise your figure.

Heirs to the deconstructed wave we saw on the garments all year round, the asymmetrical swimsuits took the prize to the most original, never seen before. Sexy and minimalist, they favored those with fewer curves, giving them some movement, and will surely continue to do so for at least one more season.

Out Of Trend

Flown, over here, flown over there…. and we don’t see the flown ones anymore! Surely good news for those who had already exhausted them. It is true that they invaded the garments without measure, and swimwear was no exception. The coming summer season is more minimalist, less romantic and overloaded.

Swimsuits embroidered with thread or flowers had their peak last summer, but they definitely stopped being protagonists this season. We say goodbye to the bohemian and romanticona wave to give way to new trends that will continue to expand our selection of swimwear.

Make sure the SALE is about to start. Make a list of the ones you don’t have yet and decide beforehand what lasting trend you will be investing in next summer – successes!