When Nothing Else Works Hang on to Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

There is a common saying amongst women that there is no greater happiness than realizing you fit back again into your favorite pair of jeans. You have tried everything and nothing worked, so going back to basics and fit in the old style means that you still have the same body.

This is a wonderful feeling, so you can rest assured that there is nothing easier on earth than getting fat! Some people use the “past back to present” practice to lose some weight. It is just a task of great proportion to be able to get the excess back on a compacted space. The more your jeans compress the more you will have to lose!

This is only an example of how practical this piece of clothing can be. Jeans are set to be a wide spread uniform type attire for the people of Earth. If we were to be colonized by aliens from other planet!

For each body type, a different pair of jeans

We all have a pair of jeans somewhere occupying a place of honor in our wardrobe. Is such a versatile piece that you can find somewhere in the world, at any given moment, someone wearing jeans. It is an American invention, which took the universe by storm. Even the astronauts wear jeans somedays at the space station.

A good pair of jeans is normally blue; however, other colors have attempted to please some users. The idea was to create a strong piece of attire to withstand harsh conditions and as natural as possible, no danger or risks with chemicals. Denim, which is the base for any jeans, is 100% cotton fiber.

Originally made to last, jeans still support endless aging. In its 135-year history, it has been fashionable, has weathered its own erosion, seemed to have died and is still here, feeding an industry sewing billions of dollars around the world, ignoring geographical boundaries, political regimes, gender differences, age and religion.

Some studies done by fashion researchers show that the key piece of all wardrobes is jeans, and is the best-selling piece in the stores. Jeans complete any look, and is suitable to be worn anywhere. However, do you know what jeans is the best fit for your physical type? Are there any restriction?

For each body type, a different pair of jeans.

If you are a rather large person, your jeans should not tighten in the region of the belly. It is possible that your legs will get wider, but it is preferable to adjust them rather than squeeze your belly on the waistband – when this happens, you look bigger than you really are and the production is “zero” in terms of elegant outfit.

If you a shorter person in stature, any leftover fabric on the waistband or legs of your jeans makes you look even smaller. That’s because the volume of fabric especially on the legs shortens the distance between ankles and hook, making your legs look shorter. This will give the impression you have borrowed your brother’s pair of jeans!

When you have a solid built body, shorter legs and some excess on the lower part as well, you can still wear Jeans. Remember, this is a democratic piece of clothing! However, for a person with this body type the best jeans is the one without any details. A normal, basic, strait cut is the best bet!

For those with a very thin stature, no fat, no belly and long legs there is also a pair jeans waiting to be worn. You can pick one of the most modern design, the slim and skinny fit. It is a very contemporary version of adjustments to a much tighter leg, a smaller pocket design and not many features. Therefore, less fabric and less volume.

Are you the athletic type? Do you have large thighs, square abdomen and short broad shoulders for the sake of nature or for brave and continuous effort at the gym? Your jeans need to be flexible, with about 2% spandex in the formula, so that you get rid of that feeling of being trapped in your pants once and for all.

We can go on forever talking about different applications and different styles they have invented, transformed and updated that version of jeans. Options of colors, legs, even quality of fabric. They have created, mind you, a version called “destroyed”. This is nothing more than the real meaning. They actually destroy a good pair of Jeans to look fashionable.

However, no matter you preference, you can find all these option in one single place. Visit our website and pick the style, which suits you, the most. Our prices give you access to a broader choice and a chance to expand your collection! We are very affordable!

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