What is a Waist Trainer and How Does it Work?

It is a high-compression body shaping garment that is designed suck in those love rolls around your waistline. Instantly giving you a slimmer midriff, dropping at least two dress sizes.

They are often made nylon, neoprene or latex to help stimulate your core’s thermal activity, causing your sweat more without the extra effort while working out. We all know that sweat equals weight loss.

Some of the benefits from waist trainer:

  • Improves your posture
  • Gives you stunning hourglass curves – immediately!
  • Thermal heating – releases toxins in your body that are messing up your metabolism
  • Makes workout time more effective
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Trains your abdomen muscles to hold an hourglass figure

For optimum results, wear daily and follow a healthy, balanced diet with a regular exercise regime. It will help you stay motivated through your prosses of losing weight because you will be rocking your new sexy body right from day one.

There are many different types of waist trainers but they are designed to wrap tightly around your midriff and to worn everyday, for at least 8 hours a day. They typically come with three to four different sizes of hook-and-eye closures, that can be adjusted to as your begin drip weight.

We can emphasize the importance of ordering the correct size for your body; don’t think a smaller size will be more flattering. A smaller size will feel extremely uncomfortable but it will create unflattering bulges.

What is a body shaper and how does do they work?

Body shapers are the most invention since sliced bread. They are designed to instantly smooth away any imperfections or lumps and bumps that we would prefer remain invisible and out-of-sight.

Shapewear works magic by enhancing your curves, exactly where you want. You will love your body shaper so much that you will be calling it: smoothwear. As it gives you smaller, tighter and firmer figure that will give you an instant confidence boost.

Benefits of wearing a body shaper:

  • Improves posture
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Gives you rocking body – instantly
  • Helps you squeeze into that tight little bodycon dress or those skinny jeans
  • There is piece of shapewear for all of your troublesome areas – say goodbye to the bat wings, muffin top or wiggly thighs
  • Comes with different types of compression

As you slide into your shapewear, you feel as if all of your lumps have been ironed out. The most difficult thing about these marvelous wonder-garments is choosing from the endless array of different shapewear styles available.

Opt for medium compression shapewear for the smoothest body transformation. If you need heavier compression, look for a body shaper that comes with control panels, which will suck and tuck your body in. If you just need to smooth out those troublesome areas, look for bodywear that lightweight but firmer than your normal underwear.

One of the biggest mistakes women make when buying shapewear is ordering a size down, thinking it will give them a little extra firmness. But it will actually make you have bulges where you don’t want or need and be very uncomfortable.

waist trainer and body shaper

Main differences between a waist trainer and body shaper

Having to choose between both of these mind-blowing garments can be challenging! You don’t just have pick one, but both. Waist trainer and body shaper have quite a few differences, but just enough to compliant one another.

What are some of the main differences between a waist trainer and body shapers? Check out below to see the main differences:

  • Waist trainer
    – It can be noticed under tighter clothes
    – Only slims the waistline
    – To see results, it needs to worn daily
  • Bodyshaper
    – Not suitable to be worn while exercising
    – Does not promote weight loss through thermal core heating
    – Can be hard to choose which shapewear you need because of the wide variety

As you can see there is differences compliant each other. We highly recommend that you combine waist training and wearing a body shaper when you need to look your best.

How to care for your new waist trainer and body shaper:

You will be wearing these miracle garments every day and all day, so you will need to learn how to correctly wash them, to avoid unwanted smells.

Let’s begin with the big no-no! Never ever throw them into the washer or dryer to wash. It can leave them looking deformed and lose their magical powers to hold suck your fat in.

  1. Soak in lukewarm water with baby shampoo or soft detergent for at least one hour, before washing by hand.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with lost of water, to remove the excess soap.
  3. Hang dry or lay flat on a towel to dry.
  4. Once completely dry, it is ready to wear. Never wear a slightly damp waist trainer or body shaper, as it will stretch out of shape.