Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil in Hair

use of coconut oil for hair

Hello girls! 🙂 Today we’re going to talk about the uses of coconut oil in our hair. This vegetable oil has many properties and can be used in cosmetics as well as in food.

Although it is an oil, thanks to its texture, when used correctly it does not leave a greasy feeling and deeply nourishes the hair while protecting it.

We can use it in the following ways:

  1. As a natural conditioner: It is a great alternative to commercials. It contains no harmful chemicals and is full of vitamins and minerals that moisturize and strengthen your hair. You can use it as a normal conditioner during washing, or dry for deeper hydration.
  2. Growth stimulator: Coconut oil stimulates healthy hair growth. It is composed of proteins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that repair damaged hair fibers and prevent hair loss.
  3. Dandruff treatment: By applying it to the scalp, it helps to reduce scalp flaking and relieves the itching sensation. Thanks to its fatty acids, it helps to stop fungal infection.
  4. Avoid frizz: You can use it as a finishing touch after drying and shaping your hair, avoiding that unwanted frizz effect. It will also help you avoid mistreatment and weakening by the use of heat tools, providing nutrition.

I hope these tips have helped you 🙂 It’s a great way to use more natural products in our hair, always exposed to many agents that damage it.