The Ultimate Make Up Tips for Summer

Summer, a beauty cure

Summer make-up is special, because the decorative cosmetics we need to use must have special characteristics. These must be: waterproof, have a high sun protection factor, and offer a natural finish. Today we give you some tips and tricks to make your summer makeup perfect on the beach, your daytime events and at night parties, and also keep your skin healthy and cared for.

Summer, a beauty cure

Summer is an ideal time to relax and have fun. At this time of year we recharge the energy for the rest of the year. In summer we all feel more favoured thanks to the energy that the sun and the rest of the well-deserved holidays give us.

Perfect summer make-up on well-groomed skin

The most important thing for the makeup to look impeccable is that the skin on which it is applied is clean and well cared for. So, my main advice is to take good care of her. This involves cleaning it daily, exfoliating it at least once a month, moisturizing and moisturizing it according to your specific needs, and protecting it from the sun every day, especially in summer. Only then will you be able to wear makeup in natural and perfect summer, avoiding using heavy bases or concealers to cover your imperfections.

In summer with a cool and protected look

To be protected from the effects of the sun, a good tip is to mix your moisturizer with a high protection factor, preferably “ultra”, with your make-up base. Try to spread it with your fingers as if it were an ordinary moisturizer, and wait a few minutes for it to stick to your skin before starting to apply make-up.

How to apply summer makeup step by step

In a few simple steps you will get a light and natural makeup, while concealing these small imperfections.

  • Step 1. Apply your foundation as above, mixed with the sunscreen.
  • Step 2. Apply your concealer to dark areas of the face, such as dark circles under the eyes, under the nose, and under the lower lip. To apply it use your fingers, and do it as a tapping, which will avoid leaving the lines marked. Apply the same concealer over any small scars or granite you may have.
  • Step 3. Put a little translucent powder on your face. They’ll help set the base.
  • Step 4. Let’s go with the eye shadow! This can be powdered or creamy type waterproof. For a more natural finish, do not apply too much load. We will make up the eye socket with a soft shadow blending it from the outside of the eye to the inside, from darker to darker. And one tip that will give more light to your eye is to apply a clear base on the lower end of the eyebrow.
  • Step 5. Draw the line on the eyelid with powder and use a beveled brush to blur it. And if you want to make a more intense line, opt for an eyeliner pencil.
  • Step 6. Apply the blush to the top of the cheekbone and on the basis of the make-up. You can choose a cream or powder blush – the one you like best!
  • Step 7. put on your mascara, and if you’re going to dive into the seawater, please make sure it’s waterproof!
  • Step 8. Choose a cool, lightweight lipstick for your summer makeup. Remember to first outline your lips, drawing their shape, and fill them with the lip liner, then apply the long-lasting, highly moisturizing lipstick, the intensity of the color will be wonderful and the result will last longer!
  • Step 9. Finally, cleanse your eyebrows of make-up and comb them out, and try to fix them with a specific eyebrow mask, their shape will remain unalterable all day long!
  • Step 10. And finally, apply a golden powder on the temple and the top of the cheekbone to give your eyes a glowing glow and give the whole face a touch of tan.

Summer make-up on the beach

If you are going to spend the day in the pool or at the beach, you can choose something simpler like replacing your make-up base with sun powder that allows you to look radiant if you are already tanned, or if you are not, you can get a slight shade of tanning.

If you use eyeliners, avoid those that are too greasy. The heat will travel through the eye and smear it.

If you decide to apply an eye shadow it is preferable to apply it in powder form, as it offers greater resistance to heat, and is better absorbed.

Summer Party Makeup

Red or orange lips, smoky eyes, metallic shadows, dizzying eyelashes. This summer you’ll be the prettiest one at your dinners and night parties.

During the day we will look for the most natural and matt shades, but at night you can add as much sophistication to our make-up as you wish.

Even if you are tanned, apply a foundation to even out the tone and cover imperfections. Choose a tone very similar to that of your skin. In the eyes you can choose to look smoky, metallic shadows, infinite cat eye or eyeliner, wrist eyelashes…. On the lips, dare to wear the always sexy red, or orange tones that look great with tanned skin.

The summer makeup that makes me look beautiful in a daytime event

Naturalness and discretion are the words that should define a summer makeup for a daytime event. Choose a make-up base with light, very pleasant and moisturizing textures. These should preferably be hypoallergenic, as with the sun, some cosmetics may react undesirably. And if you don’t want sweat or high temperatures to play tricks on you and ruin your makeup right away, use a makeup remover.

Apply contouring to your makeup in summer

Contouring is a technique that wipes out celebrities and that consists of refining the features of your face, thanks to the application of make-up in light and dark tones in strategic areas of your face, enhancing your expression lines and beautifying your facial oval. the results are incredible!