The Beauty Secrets Behind the Markle Sparkle

Meghan Markle has proven to the world that happy fairytale endings do exist. She recently married Prince Harry and became a newly appointed Princess. She stole our hearts on the sitcom “Suits” and now is stealing the hearts of the Royal family.

There is no denying the fact Meghan Markle is exquisitely stunning. No matter the weather or time of day, her hair looks perfectly blow-dried and skin looks radiant.

We might not have her genes but we can adopt some of her beauty techniques into our lifestyle to get her natural sparkle. Check out below to see some of Markle’s top foolproof beauty hints:

Only wear foundation when necessary

Markle avoids full-coverage from foundation , rather she uses a lightweight finish to allow her natural skin tone shine through. She only applies foundation to spots or blemishes that needs covering up. Markle loves her freckles and so do we, so she never hides them under concealer. Instead, she just applies a light wash of foundation over certain areas instead of her entire face.

meghan markle beauty tips

Brighten those eyes

Markle’s eye sparkle like there is no tomorrow, even after a red-eye from New York to London. Her secret for capturing eight-hours of sleep in seconds is a flesh-toned highlighting pen that virtually erases any signs of fatigue such as – dark circles and fine lines. She just touches up the inner corners of her eyes, leaving them looking brighter and well rested.

Maximize your hair

Markle’s hair always looks A-mazing! She has a very simple trick that she uses daily to maximize her hair volume. The hair flip! Whenever her hair feels weighed down, she bends forward and sprays on texturizing spray or a touch of hair spray. This little flip gives her hair a little extra bonce. You just found the world’s easiest high-boosting trick.

Say goodbye to frizz

Who of us doesn’t constantly have to fight frizz and irritating fly-a-ways? Markle has an easy solution: Just spray a tiny bit of hairspray onto a smaller boar bristle brush (or even a toothbrush) and smooth away any hairs that are flying wild. She loves this technique for when she puts her hair up into a bun.

Give your face a workout

She swears her sculpted visage is due to daily facial exercises that help to sculpt your face from the inside out! She admits that she looks terribly silly performing them, but she notices a difference in her jawline and cheekbones.

Neutral lip

Meghan avoids darker colored lipsticks, because they don’t look natural and distract from her natural skin tone. Markel prefers to use natural colors that blend with her skin tone. If you want to get her look, it’s time to put your bright red lipsticks away and pull out more toned down colors. Plus, she loves her balm.

Quench your skin

Filming “Suits” during the cold, harsh, dry winters in Toronto really took a toll on her skin. In order to maintain her natural glow, she needed to moisturize her skin at least twice a day, sometimes more. Look for moisturizers that will quench and hydrate your skin, preferably in a serum that will be absorbed more quickly.

Block those rays

Even on cloudy days, Markle makes sure to apply a good quality SPF to her face, plus a lip-gloss with at least SPF 15. She recommends looking for sunscreen lotion and gloss that doesn’t only protect your skin but also hydrates your shin for a double-whammy.

Unblock those pores

Markle said she didn’t always have her facial glow; she had to learn about the importance of cleansing your skin before going to bed every night. She makes sure to cleanse her face daily, even if she wasn’t wearing make-up. Our pores can become clogged with pollutants, debris, etc. which can cause our skin look opaque and tired.