Plus Size Shapewear – What Do You Need to Know?

Do you want to celebrate your beautiful curves but are unsure about your plus size shapewear options? Maybe you have tried experimenting with it in the past but don’t know which styles will work with which outfits.

I have been playing with shapewear for a while now and I have come to the conclusion that not all styles are designed for the plus size woman. Along the way, I have learned a few tricks that you need to know.

But before we get into the nitty gritty about which shapewear styles to buy, here are a few tips to consider when purchasing body wear.

Top Secret Tips and Hints for Purchasing Shapewear

plus size shapewear


Understand beforehand the amount of control or compression you want. There are three basic levels of control: light, medium and firm. Here is the breakdown of the different levels:

  • Light: Gives you lightweight support, its not too tight but can smooth out bra and panty lines.
  • Medium: Provides more clinching and compression power to hold in that tummy bulge and your lumps and bumps. Plus it smoothes out any panty lines, etc.
  • Firm: A tighter, firmer fit with reinforced panels to give you an instant tummy tuck or any other problem areas. Contours your body and can be worn for no more than 8 hours.


One of the biggest rookie mistakes most women make is by buying the wrong size shapewear. Every brand has their own sizing charts, so don’t assume you are a certain size. Believe me when I say that a smaller size will not make you look smaller, it will only squeeze you in ways that you only imagined to be impossible. Plus you will be extremely uncomfortable.


There are so many types of shapewear out there that it is easy to get distracted and buy the wrong piece for your needs. If you need to look good in a pencil skirt then a push-up bra won’t help.
Different types of shapewear

Recently, it seems they keep coming out with a new style or type of plus size shapewear each week. There is no need to run out and buy every style, you really need a few basics items and you are ready to go!

Full body slip

The name basically explains it all – full body coverage with bra straps, some styles include a built-in bra. They come in a number of different lengths the most popular being mid-thigh or just above your knee.

Layering tank or camisole

We LOVE this piece because it magically erases any bra lines and that back bulge. It also gives you a quick nip tuck around your waistline and keeps your tummy under-control. Great for when you are wearing a fitted top or even wear it as an outer piece with a blazer.

High-waisted panty or brief

Once you try these undies on, you will never go back to your old underwear. Providing compression from just under your bra line to your thighs. Looks great under almost any type of outfit from a fitted skirt, pant to a bodycon dress.

The waist cincher

Looking for optimum control that will give you an hourglass figure? A waist cincher will help you drop up to 3 dress sizes instantly. Due to the compression, it is hard to wear for longer periods. Plus, it can be noticeable under tighter fitting outfits, so best worn under lose clothing.