Mirror Essentials review: you don’t have to burn your bra to be comfy

Mirror Essentials reviewRemember back in the 60’s when women burned their bras? Well, it might have been a political statement and I bet it was completely freeing in more ways than one. But I can’t help but think that their smiles where more due to the fact that they were actually comfortable for once!

Let’s be honest here. Bras are the worst! The underwire in the digs into your breast and pokes into your sides, the straps burn into your skin or fall off, and they make you sweat and are just all around uncomfortable.

Going braless is just so comfortable! However, most of us don’t want to walk around without one. We may feel naked and exposed and maybe our breasts need a little more support than that.

That’s why I am so excited about the bralet trend! Not only are they really comfortable, but unlike sports bras, they’re pretty too! And I found some of the prettiest bralettes on this site called Mirror Essentials

My favorite one so far is the Lace Racerback Breathable Bralette. This is a really, really comfy bralette that has no underwire and is made of lace so it’s very feminine, delicate and soft. The pullover style makes it easy to put on and off and reduces the need for uncomfortable hooks, zippers, buttons or clasps that can dig into your skin or get caught up in your clothes or hair.

Another reason I love this bralette is because it’s really beautiful. The racerback design makes it different and unique and the lace is really lovely. It’s a sweet and intimate piece that makes me feel really feminine and cute. But I love to wear it with shirts that have open backs or fall off the shoulder so that the bralette peeks through.

I originally bought the Lace Racerback Breathable Bralette in black. It was the first thing I bought at this website and I spoke to customer service to make sure I knew how it would fit, hot thick it was and to make sure it would be supportive enough. They were super helpful, but I still was a little dubious about how it would look.

The shipping said it could take 10 days or more, but it took about a week and I got it. I tried it on and I was so happy with the find! I wanted to wear it all the time, so I was washing it a lot. It kept its shape and integrity, but I still feel like I needed another one. So, I went back to the site to check out the other colors.

I ended up getting another black one and then the other colors. So, I ended up getting a nude, a white and a wine colored one. It turns out, that the wine colored one is my favorite! I was really happy with the product, the price and the customer service. So, I recommend you check out Mirror Essentials Store and find a great bralette for you!

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