If I Am Pregnant, Can I Still Wear Jeans?

There is no denying; jeans are everywhere these days. It is such a versatile piece that is easily found in any environment, from a casual bar to large business centers (obviously, in proper compositions). And it is not uncommon to see a pregnant woman in a pair of this much-loved garment. But, is this ok?

the best solution for a pregnant woman who wants to wear jeans

In fact, it is, as long as it is not terribly tight.

More active mothers and athletes of some sporting modality tend to have their muscles firmer and, in them, belly takes longer to appear. So they can wear clothes from their wardrobe much longer. But, one day a belly appears.

Then it is time to opt for models that are more comfortable if you really do not want to give up the sacred jeans of each day. Luckily, pregnant fashion for women is very generous when it comes to wear jeans during pregnancy!

But what to wear, then? There are special styles for pregnant women and these have models of jeans for every moment of pregnancy. The most comfortable ones are those with a wide elastic waistband. They adapt very well to the new contours of your body without compressing too much, leaving your skin and belly blood circulation unaffected.

There are also jeans overalls, some very thin and light and still with the option of long or short legs. Most models have adjustments on the sides, which allows the pregnant woman to use them for a longer period of time – sometimes during the entire pregnancy and even after giving birth.

Depending on woman’s biotype, the boyfriend model jeans also accommodate large belly because of a wider and comfortable waistband. This model is less expensive than “pregnant clothes”, which appeals to women as cool and trendy. A much nicer version of pregnant fashion, anyway!

Regardless of your choice, the important thing is to enjoy your pregnancy comfortably and healthy, so that you can dedicate fully to your baby, and in an up to date fashion outfit!

Wrong model, double the trouble

This is the scenario: Some women insist on wearing their old pants even with a belly already visible, especially in the lower waist. However, apart from probable discomfort, this can bring some problems.

When a pregnant woman sits, waist of her pants presses her belly underneath; then, her belly presses the internal organs more than they have done already. It is a continuous process of compression.

The results are: wind, digestive difficulties, heartburn and even respiratory discomfort. What’s more, all of this pressure can hinder local blood circulation that indirectly affects the whole body, including the baby. Not only that, but waist seams of her pants will mark the skin deeply (remember: belly skin stretches a lot at this stage and is very sensitive) and these marks can be very sore.

While waistline care is essential, a tip for the legs is also worth mentioning: avoid tight pants. Although very tight pants are the trend, they impair circulation the same as when waist is also too tight. Remember that it is common to have swollen legs, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy, and tight pants will make things worse, as well as favoring and worsening that already feared cellulite.

Admittedly, this plague feared by women is caused by poor diet, but poor circulation is a strong aid in the process – and if you still wear tight pants, your circulation will worsen even further.

What is the best solution for a pregnant woman who wants to wear jeans?

Pregnant women do not have to stop wearing jeans – in fact, loose dresses and gowns are not the only options – because there are specific models for them, as well as some tricks that can increase the life of your jeans during pregnancy.

  • High waist jeans with elastic linings keeps the look beautiful and a pregnant woman comfortable, without tightening her belly. You can find the ideal model on our online shop. Or you make at home by cutting the top of your pants and sewing inside an elastic lining.
  • Undoubtedly, the best model is the one replacing jeans waist with an elastic band. In addition to comfort, it adapts to the size of the belly – and its growth – and prevents it from falling, pushed by abdominal volume.
  • You should prefer pants with a lot of stretch. They are more “elastic”, and adapt better and more easily to the body. Also opt for skinny models, which stick closer to the body. They value the curves and make women feel even more beautiful.

As you gathered by now, the idea is to preserve baby’s health, more than anything else! However, you can also be cool and trendy. Check your options at our website and discover how pretty and sexy you can be, even when pregnant!

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