How to disguise bulging eyes

With this beauty guy we give you the key to apply makeup well and, thus, get the most out of them.

The secret in makeup is to use it properly to correct and try to conceal the part we don’t like. If your eyes are too bulging, there are a few tricks to try to make the most of your eyes.

disguise bulging eyes

Here you can receive some very important advice from an expert who is Max Factor’s official make-up artist:”If your main problem is bulging eyes, keep in mind that they must always wear the darkest shadows on the mobile eyelid so that the effect is the opposite. If we put light shadows on it, the natural shape of our eyes would be further enhanced. In order to continue to make-up it we have to take into account its classification in terms of shape, always applying the maxim of using dark shadows in the mobile eyelid. Perfect shadows to correct this defect and enhance our look are the new Max Colour Effect trio.

Keep in mind that your best allies to conceal the appearance of bulging eyelids will be dark tones, such as smoke grey and deep brown, which contribute to give depth. Black can also be flattering, but it is a very extreme colour that requires great dexterity when applied, as well as constant retouching to prevent it from becoming’ smudged’ and disheveled. In addition, black is an intense tone that should be reserved for very dark eyes.

And besides… If we want to apply such dark shadows, it is not necessary to apply a base for the eyelids (you will find them from Elizabeth Arden and Guerlain, among others), or to spread a light layer of translucent powders or light beige shadows to help fix the color. One last trick we want to share with you. Using a curling iris to tighten your curve and applying two coats of black or dark brown eyelash mask helps to conceal the most protruding eyelids.

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