Dresses for women over 40

Are you tired of hearing the expression “age-appropriate wear”? As much as we hate that expression and being inundated with unwanted advice on what to wear, we still end up asking ourselves that very question when we go shopping: “Is this age appropriate?”

Shopping for plus-size dresses can even be more of a challenge since they seem to be designed by a sixteen-year Asian boy who has no idea what a real woman looks like. But sadly, we have to start caring about how we dress because if we don’t, it can age us drastically. When we were in our twenties or even late thirties, honestly, it didn’t matter what we wore and we looked good.

But ladies, times are changing; the gap between us, this so-called X-generation, is growing wider. With more and more sloppy, careless, athleisure wear taking over; we have to come to the realization that we need to choose carefully our clothing choices. But let’s be honest here, nobody wants to go from shopping at Forever 21 to the out-dated Chico’s clothing store.

How not to dress like a forty year old

Even though you are forty doesn’t mean you have to start dressing like your mother or even worse your grandma. The key is looking for styles that look good on your body type and shape, just because a certain one is considered to be age appropriate doesn’t mean that it will automatically look amazing on you.

Here are some things you should avoid:

1. Avoid fabrics

Here are some hints on how to choose the best style of dresses if you are over forty and still look edgy and stylish. Follow these same suggestions if you looking for plus-size clothing.

2. The sheath dress

This classy dress is perfect for you if you have an hourglass figure or thick-waistline, it encases your silhouette, giving curves where you had none. Look for styles that are sleeveless so you can wear them under a blazer. Often, this is a favourite dress style for plus-size clothing as it looks fantastic with a belt. Michelle Obama rocked this style of dress again and again.

Michelle Obama dress


Image: thereformation.com

3. The shirtdress

Actually, this is one of the biggest fashion trends this year that looks great for all ages, just with one little precaution. If you are wearing a style that hits mid-thigh, make sure that you wear it with black leggings and either boots or ballet flats. Showing too much skin can leave you looking like a cougar, looking for the wrong type of attention. Eva Mendes the actress, is often spotted wearing a simple but tasteful shirtdress.

Eva Mendes dress

Image: stylishcurves.com

4. Fit and flare dresses

This is one of the most popular plus-size dress styles, maybe because of its fitted tops and slightly defined waist, finishing with a flared skirt. Avoid styles that are too short, as you can look like you are trying too hard to look younger. You will love this style because it works wonders at concealing your thighs and balancing out that bigger bust. Sarah Jessica Parker Loves this classic style.

Jessica Parker dress

plus size dress

Image: kiyonna.com