Do You Want To Lose Weight? 4 Diets That Let You Get There Without Suffering

Changes in tests results and symptoms that affect quality of life are some of the reasons why a woman may need to lose a few pounds. It is not uncommon for women to seek help to lose weight for non-esthetic reasons.

The concern is with health. Changes in blood and imaging tests – for example, hepatic steatosis, which is fat in the liver – and the appearance of symptoms that negatively influence quality of life, such as intense fatigue, lack of energy, joint and muscle pain and erratic sleep patterns, are the most common reasons.

Is it possible to lose weight without suffering?

Is it possible to lose weight without suffering? The answer is yes!

What scares a lot of people who want or need to lose weight are those severe diets of restriction or hours without eating. Do not pay attention to them! Weight loss should happen gradually, without the need for food restriction.

It must be included into the routine of women, with easy options to be followed and maintained. In order to succeed in the process, we must understand our needs, limitations, goals, intolerances and organize a food plan according to everything on our routine.

With this in mind, we have found the four best diets to lose weight. But remember: Ideally, consult a nutritionist to set the required amounts of each food at each meal, so your body continues to function well while the diet is being followed.

1. Detox diet
Its purpose is to cleanse your body and initiate a change in eating habits that will improve the functioning of intestine, kidneys and liver. It is ideal for women who are tired of suffering from the effect of restrictive diets. And get ready to drink lots of tea!

Alcoholic beverages, trans fat, caffeine, excess salt, margarine, butter, soft drinks, sweeteners, processed products and refined flours are left out of this diet.

The day begins with a breakfast of natural yogurt (with as few ingredients as possible or with natural fermentation) or unsweetened milk, whole grains (granola, unsweetened rice flakes, oats, flax or chia) and fruits. Digestive tea (rosemary, mint or ginger) accompanied by nuts and seeds.

Leaf salad, boiled vegetables, rice or mashed potatoes or pasta, beans or lentils and lean meat form lunch and dinner menu. Before bedtime, a soothing tea (chamomile, lemongrass or passion fruit) ends the day of the detox diet.

2. Mediterranean diet
Rich in good fats (olive oil, nuts, olives and avocados), fruits, vegetables, fish, beans, whole grains and eggs. Its great advantage is that it allows the inclusion of many flavors and food groups at each meal.

Cut down on sugar, sweets, soft drinks and refined flours.

At breakfast you can have bread with seeds or whole, coffee with milk without sugar and fruits. Lunch and dinner are based on salads, vegetables, rice or mashed sweet potato or whole pasta, beans or lentils and grilled meat (beef, pork, fish or poultry).

All snacks should consist of fruits with yogurt, sweet potato, yams and roasted with cheese, whole-grain toast with natural fruit jellies, unsweetened tea, fruit and nuts.

3. Paleolithic diet
The idea is to eat what people were able to hunt or gather in the Paleolithic period: many vegetables, grains, roots, meats, seafood and nuts. It is ideal for women who can dine at home or bring food and snacks to work.

Sugar, sweets, soft drinks, refined flours, breads, pastas, oils, fry, animal milk and by-products, processed or industrialized foods and alcoholic beverages are out.

For breakfast, you can have boiled sweet potatoes or tapioca stuffed with fruit accompanied by tea, coffee or vegetable milk and fruit. For lunch and dinner, leafy salads, vegetables (cooked, braised or roasted). Lean, grilled, roasted, cooked or stewed meats are the best options.

4. Low carb diet
Some people may find it a bit hard do follow, because carbohydrates are virtually eliminated (only pasta, rice and potatoes), but this is necessary for those with any change in blood glucose and insulin levels. The aim is to improve metabolic profile and prevent any inflammation.

Once again, alcoholic beverages, trans fat, excess salt, soft drinks, refined flours, sugar and sweets, and most of the carbohydrates mentioned above are out of the question.

On your breakfast comes a first adaptation, forget the bread roll and have scrambled eggs with tomato and white cheese instead. A tea accompanies the food. Anyone in a hurry can make a homemade fruit shake, skim milk, oatmeal or flaxseed meal, walnuts, coconut milk and cinnamon.

At lunch you can go for a large plate of salad, boiled vegetables, half portion of carbohydrate, beans and lean meat, grilled, roasted, kitchen or stew. Dinner follows the same pattern, but without half a serving of carbohydrates.

There you have it! 4 ways to lose weight and gain health. All natural, without any side effects!

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