Why you Need to Wear Bridal Shapewear? All of the Essentials

Bridal designers have taken a sexier turn in the last few years and we are in love. They have redesigned the conventional wedding dress, by adding stunning, sheer details, plunging necklines and body hugging designs that leave little to the imagination.

But even if your dream-wedding gown isn’t a sultry silhouette, you probably are still a little unsure about what you should be wearing under your dress. So we know you’re wondering which brands of shapewear are the best for bridal dresses or for going to a wedding? and trust us your panties and bra just won’t cut it.

Thankfully, we are here to help. Even if your dress is made from clingy fabrics or a simple strapless neckline, we have all of the answers you need to know about what type of shapewear under the dress.

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Shapewear Solutions for Any Style of Dress

If your dress has a plunging neckline
Look for a bodysuit that has a deep neckline that can accommodate the plunge and keep everything in place. Often the body suit will provide a little extra support on the side to avoid slippage while your dance or move about.

If your dress in clingy and body-hugging
Often this type of dress clings to your tummy, so you will need some of the best body shapers available on the market – the high waisted panty or brief.

This style doesn’t only smooth and tuck in your tummy but it helps your dress to sit flatter and smoother on your body. Look for styles that are either briefs or shorts with a thong bottom for seamless style.

If your dress has a traditional strapless neckline
A typical strapless bra with grips on the inside can provide a solution, but it might slide up or downward, making for an awkward photo session. A better option is a long-line bra, which is a bra attached to a corset bodice that wraps around your waist.

If your dress tightly fits around your upper body
Your best arsenal against this is a full body shaper such as a bodice slip with a built-in bra or a thigh-high bodysuit that will smooth out your muffin top, back bulge and any other troublesome areas. Make sure you find a style that isn’t too constricting so you can actually dance at your wedding.

If your dress fits snugly around your hips and thighs
This type of dress sometimes reveals more than we desire, such as certain wobbly bits that will ruin our look. Look for shapewear that hits just above the knees with a high waist. This will give you a streamlined silhouette and ban that muffin top.

If your dress has an open back
The best choice when it comes to wearing a backless gown is either adhesive cups and, if you have a bigger cup size, make sure to check out different options in plus size shapewear such as the backless bodysuit, as adhesive cups might not give you the support you need to keep your girls in place.

Everything Else You Need to Know About Bridal Shapewear

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding choosing the best bridal body shaper for women, but nobody dares to ask.

What color should your undergarments be?
Whether you are wearing a strapless or backless wedding gown, you will need to choose a bra that is the same color as your dress and not your skin tone. Just in case your dress slips and shows your bra, nobody will notice.

Should you break in your bridal bra and undergarments?
Yes, you will want to take your body shaper and bra for a test drive before your big day, this way you can make sure it fits comfortably and doesn’t slide.

Should you buy a dress with built-in body wear or bras?
When you purchase your dress the tailor will pressure you to get all of your undergarments built-in the dress, but this is never a good idea. A body shaper should support your body and not the dress for a streamlined style.

When should you buy your bridal shapewear for women?
Once you have said yes to the dress, then you should start investigating what type of shapewear you will need to wear under the dress. When you go for your first fitting, be sure to take your newly purchased undergarments with you to see how they look and feel under dress.