Are you Sabotaging Your Fitness?

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If you want to stay focused and on track with your fitness, then goal setting is really important. Both in the long term and the short term, keeping your eyes on your goals will help you in your journey.

Unfortunately, there are many things that get in our way and try to detract us from our goals. But our biggest enemy? It’s ourselves!

Self-sabotage is the number one reason for not meeting our fitness goals. Once you begin your workout plan and your diet, it’s crucial to avoid doing the little things that will derail you.

Here are the top 8 things that lead us all astray.

Failing to Plan

You know what they say: if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. It’s important to prepare properly for us to do all of the things that we need to do. It’s especially true with our busy lifestyles. That’s why it’s important to plan meals and snacks in advance. Also, to use helpers like TENS or EMS to stimulate your muscles while you’re not able to workout.

So that you don’t run out of time and pick up burgers on your way home from work or some pizza at the office for lunch, you need to carve out a few hours a week to do your meal prep. Cook for the week and store it all in containers. Put your meals, along with snacks and even fruits and veggies for your breakfast smoothies on your to-do list.

Trying to Crunch Numbers

Fitness and calorie trackers are great. They can help meet your goals and motivate you in the process. But, what if you’re too focused on those numbers? If you focus more on the numbers than on how you feel, you may be disappointed on what you find or may miss opportunities to push yourself more. Try ditching your tracker the next time you work out.

When it comes to food, if you manually track your calories and the quality, as opposed to the quality, of what you eat, then you will lose more weight and encourage yourself to have a healthier lifestyle.

Social Media is Leading Your Routine

A workout didn’t happen unless you posted about it right? It’s such a problem to be focused on getting the perfect selfie to record your workout sesh for your social media. You need to be getting your heart rate up and be kicking up a sweat if you want to burn fat. Additionally, worrying about how you look can make you tighter your muscles and mess up your rhythm. A sure way to sabotage yourself if to slow down 15 minutes during your workout to make sure you get that perfect photo.

Getting too happy during that happy hour

Cocktails and all alcohol have a lot of empty calories and they affect everything from the way in which your muscles recover to your sleep. If you drink too much, it can prevent your muscles from repairing adequately, because they reduce your protein synthesis.

Alcohol can affect the quality of your sleep and also dehydrate you, which will make you hung over the next day. Ever tried to workout with a hang over? Probably not because a workout after a night of drinking probably won’t happen. So, put down that second or third drink and choose to hit the gym to reduce work day stress instead.

Hanging Out With Unhealthy Friends

Those same friends leading you to happy hour are probably dragging you down in all areas of your fitness. They are the ones who distract you from your gym workouts and want to drink and eat foods that you should not be eating.

Stop and ask yourself, are the five people you spend the most time with living unhealthy lives? What do you guys do to spend time together?

It’s a hard decision to make, but you need to either ask them to join you on healthier activities or you will have to curb your time spend with them.

Not getting enough sleep

Do you find yourself up until very late at night and then waking up really early in the morning? Whether because you were out partying, working, or watching movies, the results are the same: You will store fat, make unhealthy decisions, and feel tired.

When you don’t sleep enough you make poor decisions, which include skipping the meal and eating junk food. You will store excess calories as fat and you won’t be able to put in the energy to have really effective workouts.
Aim for 8 or 9 hours every night and your whole life will be so much better!

Eating too Much Protein

How much of a good thing is too much of a good thing? Believe it or not, even something as crucial as protein can do harm if you consume too much of it. Too much protein can lead to dehydration and a greater strain on your kidneys and weight gain. So, be careful with your diet and practice moderation in all things!

Opening the Door to Temptation

One of the biggest ways in which you sabotage yourself is simply by the foods that you have in your home. Having access to the foods and beverages that lead you astray just make it that much easier to consume. Remember, sugar and unhealthy fats are addicting and quickly eating a little here and there will turn into a routine. Just avoid the temptation by cleaning up your fridge and cupboards!

Take an honest look at your life. Are you making these self-sabotage mistakes and derailing your fitness plan?

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