5 make-up hacks that will save your life

Whether you are a beauty junkie or not, there are a lot of tricks that will make your make-up process significantly easier. With small changes and adjustments to your routine you will save time and get even more spectacular results than you are used to. You won’t need to buy any new products, as you almost certainly have everything you need at home.

Here are the five make-up hacks every woman should know about:

A deep look

For a more intense line, bring the flame of a lighter closer to your eye pencil. The difference will surprise you.

Perfect Eyeliner

Use a spoon to mark a cat-eye pattern. With the handle follow the line of the corner of your eyes, then turn it over and create a perfect curve.

A bit cuter

If you’re having trouble creating a perfect smoke, then with a creamy shade draw a little star on the outer corner of your eyelid. Blend perfectly with a brush. You’ll see how easy it is!

Hot tabs

If your curling iron is metal, then use your dryer to heat it. Make sure you measure the temperature well and avoid accidents. Press on your eyelashes for 30 seconds for a long-lasting effect.

DIY gloss

If you’re out of gloss, don’t worry, you can create one yourself using a little shade mixed with Vaseline. This last ingredient is also very effective for moisturizing the lips.